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A modern florist is one who is sympathetic to our environment. Who recognises that the mechanics and the ingredients we use in our designs should be compostable, biodegradable, or reusable, and sourced in a sustainable way.

The Foraged Bouquet is all about nurturing nature and utilising it in a supportive way.



My life as a Florist began at 14 in a flower shop, cleaning buckets and conditioning flowers. Occasionally I'd get to wrap a bouquet, but most often I was in the back with the flower buckets, and the heady scent and beautiful displays were enough of a pull to make me enjoy the work. 

During a 12 year career in fashion, I would always dabble in flowers on the side, making gift bouquets and arrangements for the home. Before the time of Instagram. I would do this for pure pleasure!

In 2015 I took an evening class in wedding floristry in order to create my own wedding arrangements. The hobby became an obsession. The thirst for flower knowledge and design techniques kept me from my work and often sleep. I dreamt of flowers! 

And so, Rebecca Avery Flowers was born.

Working with flowers and noticing the differing varieties as the seasons changed, made me appreciate our local landscapes, our trees and native flowers would seem to be ever changing, and I found that a walk in the local park or woods, would be completely altered from one month to the next. 

I dreamt of creating arrangements which mimicked the ever changing seasons, however my path as a wedding florist meant that I'd often have to source flowers from further afield. Over the last eight years, I have discovered that knowledge is power, and bringing my knowledge and passion to my clients, means that I can create the flowers they envision using locally grown flowers and foliage. It is something I have been striving for.

In 2023, The Foraged Bouquet was introduced to signify my dedication to being a true modern florist.

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