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Bespoke floral design in the South East of England

 I love the creative process, and I oversee every detail from mood boards right through to set up on the day.

Each wedding brings with it new ideas and an opportunity to explore a new brief.  Planning and design is as much a part of the process as creating the arrangements themselves. I'll always start by taking the time to create a bespoke proposal which is personal to each client.  

Every wedding has its own personality, it is the reason I love what I do, and also why each and every wedding will be different from the last.

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My aim is to always work harmoniously with our surrounding landscapes, working seasonally and locally. Each arrangement is created with all the movement and wild allure that nature boasts throughout our ever changing seasons. 

The easiest way to mimic the seasons is by using local flowers and foliage. Long term, the aim is to expand upon our little cut flower field, and grow more. In the meantime, I use U.K growers for all garden roses and as English seasonal wild flowers and greenery. 

Reusing and repurposing is a vital part of the business, I spend a lot of time drying and pressing leftover flowers for gifts, home decor, wreaths and dried petal confetti.

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