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Friday, May 19, 2017

 This post is all about my love for foraging! An opportunity for me to sell you the rewarding benefits of this hobby of mine.

I absolutely love using foraged flora in my arrangements, and I'm about to tell you why...

First and foremost, a walk through the local countryside is the best way to observe our ever changing seasons. It is not unheard of for us Brits to complain about the weather...

It's either too cold or too hot.

Well yes the weather is changeable, but we don't suffer weather extremities like others and yet we have four very distinctive and beautifully transitional seasons through the year.

Our weather can sometimes be erratic too, which often brings new and different changes each year, with some seasons overlapping and transition periods lasting longer than others. 
I feel lucky to live here in the U.K and be constantly inspired by my natural surroundings....

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

 Greenery! hoorah! it has been announced as the Pantone colour of 2017! 

As a florist who uses an abundance of foliage in all of my designs this is fabulous news! 
I am an absolute foliage fanatic 

(as I'm sure you know if you are familiar with my work, or have glanced at my website)

A year of greenery is a perfect excuse to really push the boundaries of all things green, and I'll be pushing the stuff more than ever! if that's possible...

Come on peeps, lets embrace seasonal foliage, it deserves your adoration!

2017 will be the year we celebrate the unsung heroes of floral design, and it truly is! Foliage can be too often thought of as a filler with little focus or praise, but in reality it is the very foundation of every arrangement, and the starting point when putting together floral creations.

Without it us florists would be at a loss.

I'm keen to see how this colour trend will inspire our 2017 brides, with hope th...

Thursday, November 24, 2016

  In recent years, wedding bookings seem to be ever increasing through the later months of October and November, partly due to unseasonal warmer days that we can experience at this late time of year. 

As a florist who focuses on the beauty of the changing seasons within our great British surroundings I couldn't recommend these months more highly. This transitional time between late September and early November really is so pretty, from the sunny, bright and busy season of Summer into the warm, vibrant and serene time of Autumn

Autumn brings the most beautiful colours. In fact I think it may be my favorite of all the seasons.

Strong words I know, given that all the seasons bring their own beauty and magic, but when autumn is in full swing, the landscapes literally glow, with the most striking and vibrant colours.

 I have been permanently fixated on every drive through the country or walk through the park. 

Before the tree's begin to...

Friday, April 1, 2016

Creating florals for inspirational bridal shoots is a perk of the job which I didn't even dream of when setting out on this great adventure, and it has become such a big part of what I do.

It is a true outlet of creativity, allowing me the freedom to be who I aspire to be as a floral designer.

Working in the wedding industry is competitive, and offering a creative service means standing out from the rest. My aim is to offer something different. A unique style which echoes who I am as a person and a florist. Putting together the arrangements and installations for these projects is my opportunity to create a portfolio which truly represents my style and aesthetic.

One such shoot, is this 'Winter into Spring' bridal inspiration. With the end of winter disappearing into the early dewy mornings, we wanted to reflect the coming of early spring in a bridal inspiration shoot. With the use of fresh florals and wispy foliage mixed with the fallen remnants of winter, including seed p...

Thursday, February 18, 2016

  Last week we set up camp in our drizzly but beautiful local woods to collect and forage for a little impromptu bridal shoot.

And how lovely it was to be able to pull together such a wonderful yet small group of talented people to create something pretty.

I love working on these inspirational projects through the year. Being able to collaborate with likeminded creatives in order to capture a moment in time.

It is an opportunity to document what is inspiring us both in the wedding world, and within our natural surroundings and as a collective, the results from these shoots are a seasonal catalogue of some of the alternative types of flora which are on offer throughout our Great British year.

During the cold and darker months of winter the wedding bookings begin to dwindle, and us wedding vendors have to look elsewhere to fulfil our creative itch. 

With the lovely Kathryn Hopkins at the helm, and her love of romantic outdoor settin...

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