Nature is my secret to a happy life. 

I take a walk through the woods every couple of weeks at least, to keep me grounded. It also inspires my work and my home life.

It's a chance to slow down, observe and lose myself for a while. Completely immersed in nature and finding inspiration in every detail.

The transition from Winter to Spring brings hope and positivity with new life after the previous year has faded. 

But my favourite transition is Summer to Autumn, it is the most striking of all, with bold colours and warm tones, it also brings with it some of my most loved flowers. 

I create arrangements which mirror the seasonal landscapes, capturing the beauty of nature in all it's untamed glory. 

Mimicking the movement and behaviour of plants and flowers in their natural habitat. 

Self confessed flower addict and nature lover means that my style of flower arranging is loose and wild with a 'gathered' aesthetic


Which means, if y'all are looking for tight round bouquets of flowers, you've come to the wrong florist 


I practice sustainable methods which promote the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials in my arrangements.

I forage for foliage and seasonal flora when I'm out on my frequent stomps, from Ivy vines and pine cones to dried grasses.

I have a small allotment where I grow a selection of foliage and a few summer flowers, but when it comes to big events I like to use local farms and growers where possible.

I reuse leftover flowers for either repurpose, gifting to local businesses or preserving for dried & pressed arrangements.