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January 11, 2017


 Greenery! hoorah! it has been announced as the Pantone colour of 2017! 


As a florist who uses an abundance of foliage in all of my designs this is fabulous news! 
I am an absolute foliage fanatic 

(as I'm sure you know if you are familiar with my work, or have glanced at my website)

A year of greenery is a perfect excuse to really push the boundaries of all things green, and I'll be pushing the stuff more than ever! if that's possible...


Come on peeps, lets embrace seasonal foliage, it deserves your adoration!

2017 will be the year we celebrate the unsung heroes of floral design, and it truly is! Foliage can be too often thought of as a filler with little focus or praise, but in reality it is the very foundation of every arrangement, and the starting point when putting together floral creations.

Without it us florists would be at a loss.

I'm keen to see how this colour trend will inspire our 2017 brides, with hope that more couples will see the beauty in foliage.

Feature installations are fast becoming a key part of today's wedding decor and greenery is the fundamental element in building these pieces.


Greenery comes in an endless variety of tones and textures from trailing vines to huge tropical leaves, silvery soft senecio to deep green waxy ruscus.

Local seasonal foliage is the best and more often the most cot effective way to create impactful, organic arrangements.


If you looking to embrace this trend in your wedding this year, but are not opting for show stopping installations, perhaps go for something a little more low-key, like simple clean glass vases of pretty baby blue eucalyptus. This will create an elegantly natural feel to your day.

Or perhaps a few foliage garlands to sit along the centre of your top table, or clinging to beams and posts. Fresh green runners and garlands really lift an indoor space, bringing life and light inside.


Foliage bouquets can be as pretty as a handful of blooms. Making appearances more and more on Pinterest nowadays, you will see impressive hand tied arrangements of tonal green foliage. Beautiful show stopping displays of wild leafy stems and vines neatly wrapped in silk ribbons! 

And with more greenery making its way to bridal inspiration blogs, it will no doubt have an influence on this years floral trends. Which is a very exciting prospect for me, and for many florists alike.

So heres to the beautiful green stuff. In all it's leafy glory. 

And a happy 2017 to you all





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